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Brun off the fat in our cardio section!

We have four different sorts of machinery starting with 6 x Elipticals which simulates jogging without the impact and also gives you a great upper body workout using the arm levers.

We have two different sorts of bikes, namely our 3 x recumbant cycles if you wish to have more back support or our 8 x upright cycle which is just your normal cycle.
All of our equipment is brand new and we have top of the range treadmills (x8) which are well maintained on a weekly basis.

Lastly, our 4 x concept rowers, which is also a great non impact cardio workout and our cardio deck is placed on a non slip tile, so no worries about slipping.


Join in on our circuit workouts to get the most out of your work out!


Consisting of all brand new Impulse equipment. Equipment is all stable and provides a great strength workout. In this area you can do multiple sets.


Based on a set timer of 40 seconds exercise, 20 seconds rest period. There are 11 machines and a centralised step and it takes 22 minutes to complete one round of this circuit.


Get gains at in our weight training section!

This is not a body building or power lifting gym, this is a HEALTH CLUB.
You must carry a towel, wear correct shoes, typical cross trainers, something with laces. Rules of weight training area is that you must not throw your weights down, you must pack your weights away and have respect for the equipment otherwise there is a buzz out system.


Our bathrooms provide you with a comfortable space to freshen up.

Trinergy offers great change room facilities to our members which are cleaned and maintained throughout the day ensuring the best possible environment.


Your kids are looked after while you workout!

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday – 05:00 to 21:00

Crèche Facilities:
Toys, puzzles and games, Colouring books, Fun house, Table and chairs, TV with DSTV kids channels


This is where our qualified personal trainers put their clients through different, varied, exciting workouts.

• TRX is a core based workout designed by the Navy Seals.  Their motto is fitness anywhere and you can literally train anywhere with this (give demo).
• Battle ropes is a cardio strength workout focusing on back, shoulders, legs while giving a great fat burning workout.
• The Russian Kettlebells  were great strength cardio workouts and you burn the most calories by using  Kettlebells.
• Military style functional training for everybody focussing on total body workouts by using Sandbags. Boxfit – great cardio workout, great stress relief.
Most women do not like doing weight training but by using all the functional training it is great for toning.


Trinergy has a great boxing classes, fully equip to meet all your training requirements.


Join the X-Fit classes to build and tone muscles.

X-Fit is a Strength and Conditioning programme that is diverse enough to challenge and condition anyone, from the highly specialised athlete to the general public. The team of coaches that is the driving force behind MXP Fitness has a wide variety of experience in the sports and fitness world and therefore have skills ranging from Sports Science to Sports Conditioning and Training. In addition to these fields of expertise, are the complimentary disciplines of CrossFit® and Les Mills® Coaching, TRX®, Double-Handed Medicine Balls, VPR®, Octane®, Gravity® Personal & Group Trainer, BOSU® and Kettlebell Coaching, and both Group and Personal Training.


Get fit in our spinning classes!

Indoor cycling, as an organised activity ,is a form of exercise with classes focusing on endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity and recovery, and involves using a special stationary exercise bicycle with a weighted flywheel in a classroom setting.


We offer sunbed tanning!

Our new sunbed is of the highest quality and safety.

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